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Services offered by Kore Audit

The professional experience of Kore Audit gives us the opportunity to offer an increasingly wide range of services:

  • Statutory and voluntary audits of year-end and consolidated accounts prepared in accordance with Italian accountancy and IAS/IFRS standards;
  • Partial audits for half-yearly accounts and other intermediary financial statements;
  • Collaboration in supporting and monitoring the work of a firm's own statutory internal auditors;
  • Assisting the transition from existing administrative and accounting processes to statutory IAS/IFRS and US GAAP principles;
  • Training and supervision of the preparation of consolidated financial statements;
  • Agreed upon audit procedures;
  • Financial unbundling for the purposes of the regulatory Electricity and Gas Authorities;
  • Opinions on the appropriateness of share exchange ratios and issue price of new shares;
  • Audits and monitoring of projects financed with public funds;
  • Financial assistance at the time of a Stock Exchange listing and in the preparation of data for such a listing process or other once-off operations; and
  • End-of-year audits to US GAAP standards.

Kore Audit's approach is, by the very nature of our professionals, aimed at providing elements for the improvement of the preparation and representation of economic, capital and financial information in order to make business risks and opportunities manageable.

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Head Office,
Via Garibaldi, 1
40124 Bologna, - ITALY
Tel. +39 051 644 6586
Fax. +39 051 220 134


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