About us

Kore Audit is an Italian auditing and business organisation firm founded by professionals with the purpose of offering a wider number of services to business, by placing at the service of business a spectrum of knowledge which involves the help and collaboration of many fields of knowledge for analysing questions of management and the satisfaction of business needs.

The firm is registered, under number 158 301, with the Registry of Statutory Auditors at the [Italian] Ministry of Justice. Kore Audit employs a qualified network of partners and specialists who are able to respond to market demands in financial, legal affairs, and corporate areas, in addition to those of auditing.

The firm is based in Italy, in the city of Bologna.


Why Kore Audit?

Our three main strengths:

  • Our partners have come from the world of business consultancy provide an in-depth understanding of business needs.
  • Ethical principles and a professional code of ethics guarantee a jointly-shared workload and support for the firm's regular consultants.
  • Belonging to a network of structured and professional services provides a high-level interdisciplinary approach to the analysis and solution of business problems.
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Office address details-EN

Head Office,
Via Garibaldi, 1
40124 Bologna, - ITALY
Tel. +39 051 644 6586
Fax. +39 051 220 134


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