Corporate Finance

Investment choices in the current market environment, both domestic and international, are increasingly fine-tuned and complex.

Optimal management of financial resources and their productive use through extraordinary finance transactions lead financial traders to anticipate changes in scenarios through the functional and strategic reorganisation of a firm's own corporate assets.

It is increasingly essential be supported throughout the entire process by a team of professionals who have the required expertise and experience.

Thanks to the network of professionals it uses, Kore Audit carries out:

Company assessments and extraordinary operations

Valuation and appraisal of shares, companies and branches of the company carried out with regard to the rule of law or carried out in support of company management choices;

Accounting, tax and organisational due diligence carried out on the basis of already made investment choices or in order to sound out opportunities for potential acquisitions;

Legal and technical assistance in designing and carrying out corporate acquisitions, mergers, divisions, and spin-offs;

Negotiating and financial assistance for the extraordinary operations;

Internal operations support for a Stock Exchange listing; and

Business combinations, purchase price allocation and impairment testing. These are business concepts which have now entered into company and Group jargon of firms which have opted for international accounting standards in the presentation of their financial statements. In particular in the treatment of Business Combinations (IFRS 3), of Intangible Assets (IAS 38) and of the Impairment of Assets (IAS 36) it is necessary to have a full understanding of the underlying principles and a good familiarity with IAS/IFRS principles.

Economic and financial planning

The drafting of business plans and corporate budgets, in the economic and financial planning of companies, is very much to the fore at present due to increasingly competitive and dynamically changing environments in which it is essential to plan for necessary investment in order to achieve growth.

At the very core of management choices, there is increasingly the use of a complex and coordinated system of information coming from all business sectors.

In particular, the ability to interpret correctly the results in terms of generated cash flow and the expected return on investments made, or from production structures already in place, nowadays represents an indispensable requirement of business choices.

Tax planning

The ability to schedule the business choices of the effects of tax both in Italy and abroad is a crucial element which business management frequently underestimates.

In addition to the economic and financial budget in structured contexts, there is side by side with it nowadays a fiscal report to evaluate involved risks and opportunities.

Costs analysis and optimisation

An optimisation of business processes and cost reduction can be developed as a first step in Business Process Analysis and a subsequent phase of management and monitoring of Business Process Management.

The part relating to the analysis of business processes is necessary to represent and codify all processes, with a mapping layout which leads to identifying the relationships between people, processes and applications.

These process analyses lead to the identification of critical processes through a qualitative and quantitative analysis of resources being absorbed and of results being obtained.

Once critical change has been defined, one moves on to the identification of the business figures involved in the processes and in the definition of roles and responsibilities, with a description of process support systems and with the first guidelines to be adopted with a view to improvement.

The following step consists essentially in the definition of a management system of the complex system of procedures by putting in place all the necessary operations so as to define, integrate, optimise, and monitor the identified processes in order to create a single integrated system aimed at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the company.

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